Frequently Asked Questions
At what Quantity do I expext Free  samples  ?

- Always when you order 100grams and above, we do noy offer free samples, Except you have a valid order to be ship out with us.
The formation time of the order is immediate after payment confirmation.

How products are packed for shipment?

- All products are hermetically packaged in plastic bags. For example, parcel is certified as a powder for polishing or absorbent polymer. Our Logistic department is always working with safe method for against deliveries of parcel
. Different countries apply different requirements for registration of parcel.

Can I break my Wholesale order into smaller quantities?

- Yes.

What is your cost of delivery?

- Depends on the destination country and on your choice of carrier. Delivery charge of 100 grams is included in the cost price of the package... [ Order 100g and get Free Shipping ]

What method of sending/Shipping you recommend?

- We always recommend DHL, EMS, FedEx, UPS and forwarding

Is My Order Guarantee ?

- We recommend shipping by EMS or DHL,  Our logistics services with this carriers will ensure minimal risk with delivery.

What payment options you recommend for large orders?

- The most flexible solution - Bitcoins.

We also accept payment via Western Union MoneyGram, Bank transfer and other wire transfer services
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