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MDPV is an incredible thing that each brave person should buy and try at least once in his life. More specifically, it is a psychoactive drug that has stimulating properties, and acts like a reuptake inhibitor of dopamine and norepinephrine.
It is established that MDPV is four times stronger than the famous stimulant methylphenidate, and has a shorter duration period. This drug is not used for medical purposes, but it has been sold as a legal psychostimulant since 2007. MDPV is also used as a chemical compound in different studies.
You can to buy this drug in a form of hydrophilic powder with a slight odor. It comes from pure white to light brown color. The effects of MDPV are similar to amphetamine and cocaine. The main effects may include wakefulness, great motivation, arousal and anxiety. Sometimes it may feel like you don’t need any food or rest at all. Physical effects may result in palpitations, increased blood pressure and sweating. The effect may last for 3 or 4 hours. High doses can cause bouts of panic and different hallucinations.
It should be noticed that rapid changes in the properties of the drug are seen when contacting with fresh air for a long time
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