Secure Payment Bitcoin
Why are Bitcoin,

Our Primary Payment and Commission Methods?

We will still accept Payeer and Credit Card purchases but because of the costs and risks associated it is not as low cost as paying with Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, is worldwide, that means that ANYone, ANYwhere in the World can purchase and be paid in Hua Chem and participate in our community. (Yes, even new chemical order can now!)

Because of this innovative Worldwide reach of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, it means anonymous payments, zero transaction fees and its Quick and easy!

Want to reduce costs, stay anonymous. For those of you who already use bitcoins or have a bitcoin account / wallet, you can send payment to our bitcoin address supplied in checkout from any wallet. The instructions below are a guide for newbies to bitcoins. You can purchase bitcoins from instantly from other users with paypal, bank transfers, cash deposits, PaySafeCards, Western Union and many more options without having to varify your account with ID. Below we provide a step by step guide, how to purchase bitcoins on and send it to us.

Firstly, select the products you wish to purchase from our website as normal, then proceed to checkout and email us to, confirm the order and you will then be provided with a bitcoin address and the amount to send in bitcoins. Contact us orm more details.
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